Local sponsor in UAE refers to 51% local equity. A sponsor has to be an Emirati(UAE national) with a family membership card (Gincia). It is mandatory in UAE to appoint a local sponsor if you want to conduct your business in Mainland.

51% :

If your activity will be a commercial where you will be doing trading then the sponsor has to be at least 51% shareholder.


Local service agent:

Local service agent means that If the business activity is professional which involves personal skills like business consultancy, or IT consultancy or any other professional activity the local sponsor will be only act as local sponsor agent and will not be having any shares under his name.

How Nifty will help you to find a sponsor:

We enjoy good relationship with educated and reliable local sponsors. We have almost 20 local sponsors on our panel. So instead of finding a sponsor by yourself you can trust Nifty to do it for you without any hassle.

Corporate Sponsorship:

Corporate sponsorship refers to sponsorship which is not an individual but a corporate entity. It is having its own benefits. Big companies, while entering in UAE market prefer to have a corporate sponsorship. Nifty will help you in finding the best corporate sponsorship which will be economical for you in long run.

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