Dubai has transformed itself as a Business Hub of the Middle East and this is because there are great numbers of opportunities for entrepreneurs all around the world. Offshore company is one of the most popular kinds of business setup in Dubai. The Term offshore company or offshore entity or offshore business setup does not have a specific meaning. The term simply denotes a entity or business of the firm that is possessed and controlled from foreign countries. It is also termed as International Business Company or a Non-Resident company.


For example there is an offshore company in Dubai by the name of XYZ limited and this company holds a bank account in Dubai. Business activity of this Dubai offshore company is to trade food stuff items from China to Sri lanka. This Dubai offshore company will issue an invoice to its Sri Lankan client and he will pay the required amount to this Dubai offshore company. That is how this Dubai offshore company will control business internationally.



  • Dubai offshore company offers 100% ownership.
  • Physical office is not required for UAE offshore companies.
  • UAE residents and non-resident can incorporate offshore company in UAE.
  • UAE offshore company will give you the benefit of Asset security.
  • One of the main benefits of Dubai offshore company is that its cost is less and maintenance cost is also less as compare to other jurisdictions.
  • UAE offshore company gives you complete anonymity.
  • You have a benefit under your Dubai offshore company that you can buy a property under this offshore company.
  • You can open your bank account in any bank under UAE offshore company.

Apart from these there are other advantages also for UAE offshore company like availability of offshore experts, Government cooperation, fewer restrictions, Fair treatment, Security of property rights, legal protection and free remittance of profits and capital.



Understand its requirement first:

If you want to start an offshore company in Dubai then before setting up the offshore companies it’s better to understand the rules and regulations. You should know what business activity you will do internationally under this UAE offshore company and what are the documents required, how much time it will take and what are the other legal requirements of an offshore company in UAE.

How Nifty Corporate Services can help you in setting up the offshore company:

Nifty Corporate Services is the leading business setup firm in Dubai and we know all the procedures to start your offshore company in UAE. We have highly skilled professionals in offshore department who know the complete process, requirement and time frame to start the offshore company in all the jurisdictions.

Our professionals will give you complete consultancy in starting the offshore company keeping in mind your specific case and business objective. They will assist you from start till end.

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